sexuality: ansel elgort shirtless (and clothed) (but preferably naked) 

in new york city, i imagine you hear car horns every few seconds. well here at clemson university, you hear “hot nigga” by bobby shmurda about every two minutes.

cars driving around campus. house parties. school functions. IT’S EVERYWHERE. 

bitch caught a body bout a week agooooo 

posted up in the library on a friday because yay school work

i just heard the news that ansel elgort and his girlfriend broke up

hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah fuckin right hell yeah hell fuckin right

elizabeth elgort DOUBLE E’S THIS IS PERFECT call me ee.

if you live in the south and especially in south carolina, you know the biggest rivalry is clemson vs usc. you don’t know the struggle until you try to get tickets for that particular game. 

THEY HAVE TICKETS FOR SALE FOR 5,000 DOLLARS. what the heck, man. i’m tryna watch clemson whoop up on some gamecocks. not sit in the presence of the queen of england.